I am Associate Professor of Economic Policy at the Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Pavia, where I am coordinator of the master degree in Sviluppo Economico e Relazioni Internazionali (Economic Development and International Relations) and member of the faculty of the PhD in Economics Milano-Pavia.

My research interests are in the field of Inequality and Redistribution, Political Economics, Economics of Education, Public Economics.

I received the Aldi Hagenaars Memorial Award from the Luxembourg Income Study in 2010 and the SIEP prize from the Società Italiana di Economia Pubblica in 2009 and 2014.

I currently teach Economic Policy/Macroeconomics and Introductory Econometrics for Social Sciences at University of Pavia and Macroeconomics at Bocconi University.


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I have published several articles in international journals and chapters in books. Here you can find the list of publications in international peer reviewed journals. The full list of publications including also book chapters, policy reports and other materials is in my curriculum vitae.

Articles in International Journals

Intergenerational Precautionary Savings in Europe (with S. Trucchi), forthcoming on Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics


Comparing governments’ efficiency at supplying income redistribution (with F. Padovano and G. Turati), Constitutional Political Economy, 2021


Heterogeneity in preferences for redistribution and public spending: a cross-country analysis (with L. Bellani), European Journal of Political Economy, 2020


Selecting or rewarding teachers? International evidence from primary schools (with M. Braga, D. Checchi and C. Garrouste), Economics of Education Review, 2020


Inequality, privatization, and democratic institutions in developing countries (with L. Ceriani and S. Scabrosetti), Hacienda Pública Espanola/Review of Public Economics, 2020

[article] (in press)

Estimating conversion rates: A new empirical strategy with an application to healthcare in Italy (with E. Chiappero and P. Salardi), Health Economics, 2019


Grandparental availability for child care and maternal labor force participation: pension reform evidence from Italy (with M. Bratti and T. Frattini), Journal of Population Economics, 2018


The performance of politicians: the effect of gender quotas (with M. Braga), European Journal of Political Economy, 2017


Should we resurrect ‘TIPP flottante’ if oil price booms again? Specific taxes as fuel consumer price stabilizers (with M. Di Giacomo, M. Piacenza, G. Turati), Energy Economics, 2015


Heterogeneous preferences and in-kind redistribution: theory and evidence (with L. Bellani), European Economic Review, 2015


Expansion of schooling and educational inequality in Europe: the educational Kuznets curve revisited (with E. Meschi), Oxford Economic Papers, 2014


A new dataset on educational inequality (with E. Meschi),  Empirical Economics, 2014


Empirics of the median voter: democracy, redistribution and the role of the middle class, Journal of Economic Inequality, 2012


Education, inequality and electoral participation (with P. Segatti), Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 2012



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Works in progress

I am currently working on several research projects with many colleagues and friends of mine. Here a list, in no particular order and with provisional titles. Working papers are linked whenever available.

Issue salience and women performance: understanding mid-term elections through Google trends, with M. Cella and E. Manzoni

Fear of the dark: how terrorist events affect trust in people, with E. Borghi and M. Braga

[working paper]

Strategic compromise, policy bundling and interest groups power, with L. Bellani and V. Fabella

[working paper]

Equality of Opportunities for Young Italian Workers, with E. Chiappero and A. Peruzzi

Youth capability deprivation in the Italian labour market, with E. Chiappero and A. Peruzzi

Redistributive effects of fuel taxation, with M. Di Giacomo, M. Piacenza and G. Turati

A comparison among inequality indices, with F. Cowell and C. Fiorio

Factors driving the expansion of education in Europe in the 20th century, with G. Ballarino and E. Meschi


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I currently teach:


Politica Economica / Macroeconomia (Macroeconomics) at the undergraduate degree in Political Science and International Relations, University of Pavia

Introduzione all’Econometria per le Scienze Sociali (Introductory Econometrics for Social Sciences) at the master in Economic Development and International Relations, University of Pavia

Economia (modulo II: Macroeconomia) (Macroeconomics) at the undergraduate degree in Business and Management, Bocconi University

You can refer to the online teaching platforms and the information therein. Students from University of Pavia can book a slot of my office hour at this page: francescoscerviniunipv.as.me


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Previous academic positions

2016-2019: Assistant professor (tenure track) of Economic Policy at DSPS, University of Pavia

2016: Post-doc at HDCP-IRC, IUSS-Pavia

2015: Post-doc at DSPS, University of Pavia, on the European Commission FP7 project SocIEtY

2013-2014: Post-doc at ESOMAS, University of Turin

2010-2013: Post-doc at DEMM, University of Milan, on the European Commission FP7 project GInI


2010: “Vilfredo Pareto” Ph.D. in Economics, University of Turin – Collegio Carlo Alberto

2006: Master in Economics, CORIPE Piemonte

2005: BA in Economics, Statistics and Social Sciences, Bocconi University


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Research projects and grants

PRIN - New Approaches to Political Economy

PRIN are research projects financed by the Italian Ministry of Education on a highly competitive selection. I am Principal Investigator of the UniPV unit for the project “New approaches to Political Economy: from methods to data”, that should start in few weeks. Other units are University of Milan - Bicocca, University of Rome - Tor Vergata, University of Verona.

UniPV Blue Sky Research - IPSE

In 2017 University of Pavia financed Blue Sky Research on a competitive base. I was awarded a grant and worked with Serena Trucchi (Cardiff University) on the project International Precautionary Saving in Europe (IPSE), which leaded to the paper: Consumption response to offspring’s income risk, now under revision on a top international journal.

FP7 - SocIEtY

In 2015 I participated to the project “SOCial Innovation – Empowering the Young for the common good“, funded by the Europeans Union’s Seventh Framework Programme.

The overall goal of SocIEtY was to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged young people through social innovation. In doing so the aim of SocIEtY was not only to identify opportunities to reduce inequalities, but also to extend and builds knowledge and tools for the ultimate policy goal of a ‘good life for all’.
The network consisted of eleven European institutions. More information and the results of the project can be found at this page.

FP7 - GInI

In the period 2010-2013 I was involved in another the European Union Cooperative Programme, “Growing INequalities’ Impacts“, GINI.

The aim of the project was the investigation of the economic and educational drivers of inequality and its social, cultural and political impacts. The project was highly interdisciplinary, drawing on economics, sociology, political science, and health studies, and was carried out in collaboration among six academic European institutions (University of Amsterdam, London School of Economics, University College Dublin, University of Milan, Tàrki – Budapest, Antwerp University).

The outcomes of the project can be found on the GINI website or on the European Commission website.


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Other activities

Invited lectures and seminars

CEPS/INSTEAD (Luxembourg, 2012)

Luxembourg Income Study (Luxembourg, 2010)

University of Alicante (2019)

University of Milan (2016)

University of Milano-Bicocca (2009)

University of Pavia (2015)

University of Siena (2018)

University of Turin (2014)

University of Trento (2013)


Association for Public Economic Theory (Strasbourg, 2019, Seattle, 2014)

SocIEtY final conference (European Parliament, Bruxelles, 2015)

European Public Choice Society (Zurich, 2013, Athens, 2009)

International Institute of Public Finance (Lugano, 2014)

Italian Doctoral Workshop in Economics and Policy Analysis (Moncalieri, 2009, 2008)

Società Italiana degli Economisti (Rome, 2009)

Società Italiana di Economia Pubblica (Turin, 2019, Padua, 2018, Pavia, 2010, Pavia, 2009)

The Economics of Political Economics, (University of Milano-Bicocca and Catholic University, Milan, 2009)

GInI final conference (University of Amsterdam, 2013)


BE Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, Economia Politica, European Journal of Political Economy, European Sociological Review, Hacienda Publica Espanola, International Journal of Manpower, International Review of Applied Economics, International Review of Economics, International Tax and Public Finance, Italian Economic Journal, Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of Economic Inequality, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Journal of Economics, Journal of Human Development and Capability Approach, Journal of Politics, Review of Income and Wealth, Social Indicator Research, World Development


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